Sir John Cass the Royal African Company and the Slave Trade

SJC RAC Report

The report into our founder’s historical connection with transatlantic slavery has now been completed. The report, which we commissioned in February 2020, was delayed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. An interim report was published in November 2020 and the full findings are now available.


Through this report, Professor Miles Ogborn, FBA of Queen Mary, University of London has been able to demonstrate Sir John Cass’s role not just in investing in the Royal African Company, but in his active management of the slave trade from its London base.

We will continue to research, to listen and to learn and use our newly acquired knowledge to ensure that we focus on present injustices as we define our priorities for grant-making.

In January 2021 the Charity Commission approved our change of name from Sir John Cass’s Foundation to the Portal Trust, under which we will continue to develop our educational support for institutions and individuals across London.

Sir John Cass the Royal Africa Company and the Slave Trade