Girls Friendly Society

In 2022, we awarded £6,000 to Girls Friendly Society to support them to create spaces where girls and young women are free to be themselves and feel proud of who they are.


Girls Friendly Society (GFS) aims to create a world where girls and young women are free to be themselves and feel proud of who they are. Having been established in 1875, it is one of the oldest registered charities with the purpose of empowering girls across England and Wales.

More than 700 girls and young women have benefited from weekly sessions that are designed by GFS to develop soft skills and confidence. Taking place in more than 30 locations, the sessions provide educational opportunities for young people from deprived or isolated communities.

Our grant has been used to contribute towards the salary of a London-based Group Coordinator. They are responsible for leading engaging weekly sessions that will help girls and young women develop important skills such as teamwork, confidence, and entrepreneurism.

Girls Friendly Society

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, studies have shown that more young people have been struggling with low confidence and increased isolation. GFS helps girls and young women to overcome these challenges by helping them to raise their aspirations, resilience, and overall wellbeing.

Local volunteers work alongside Group Coordinators to offer tailored and fun recreational support. Being embedded in local communities creates an established centre point where girls and young women can try new things and enjoy having positive social experiences.

Young people are unfortunately exposed to gendered inequalities from a young age. However, through early intervention, GFS is on a mission to create safe spaces where girls and young women can learn, play, and connect with others.

Girls Friendly Society
Girls Friendly Society

GFS is a feminist charity that has dedicated almost 150 years to supporting girls and young women!

We’re proud to support such an important charity who pushes back against gendered inequality by empowering young people to reach their full potential.

Interested in learning more? Visit Girls Friendly Society’s website.