Oasis Children's Venture

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Between 2021 and 2024, we've awarded £75,000 to Oasis Children's Venture to help them provide inclusive educational opportunities for children and young people through outdoor play.


For over 40 years, Oasis Children’s Venture has supported the learning and development of children and young people through outdoor play. They work closely with schools, local authorities, and volunteers to help young people who struggle to engage with mainstream education or are at risk of criminal activity.

There are many exciting activities to get involved with including the Nature Garden, Camel Club, and Adventure Playground. Our funding was used to support ‘The Right Track’ project which combines racing with practical and educational opportunities.

Karting is an exciting sport and the challenge of driving fast around a racetrack is a great way of engaging hard-to-reach youth. Through the challenge of driving, more young people can access important learning opportunities whilst also having fun.

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Once young people get involved with ‘The Right Track’ project, they’re given the chance to build strong relationships with skilled youth workers and mentors who help to develop their self-confidence. Being able to have strong connections in the community is important because it reinforces positive values.

Alongside building positive relationships, children and young people are given the opportunity to work towards formally recognised qualifications. They can earn AQA qualifications in a broad range of subjects such as Mechanics and Maintenance, Event Organisation, and Health and Safety.

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Young people graduate to become young volunteers at 15 years old - this is when they start to lead karting sessions and take on more responsibility. Becoming a volunteer helps young people as it gives them the chance to become leaders and act as positive role models for new children who arrive at the racetrack.

We’re proud to support ‘The Right Track’ project which does a fantastic job of giving young people the chance to re-engage with educational opportunities. It's one of the many ways Oasis Children’s Venture uses inclusive and innovative outdoor play to positively impact young people’s lives.

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