Prisoners' Education Trust

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The Prisoners’ Education Trust offers distance learning courses to people in prisons across England and Wales.

Through PET we have supported hundreds of young men and women from London to gain educational qualifications, helping to break the cycle of reoffending.


About PET

Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) works in prisons throughout England and Wales, offering prisoners access to distance learning courses in levels and subjects that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

PET’s expertise and its connections within the prison estate allow funding to be directed to precisely where it is most impactful - individual prisoners.

Our support

Under our prisoner education priority, we have been a long-standing funder and supporter of PET with the first grant of £5,000 awarded to the charity in 1989 - the year it was founded. Over the last decade, we have awarded a total of five grants, which have supported over 200 young men and women in prisons to start distance learning courses and qualifications. The courses undertaken have varied enormously, ranging from A-Level Goldstar Part 2 qualifications in Business and Psychology to Level 3 Awards in Understanding Mental Health Care and Principles of Management and Leadership.

Covid-19 has dramatically affected the way prisons can provide for their residents, but over the next two years, our most recent award to PET of £10,760 will pay for courses for around twenty young people from inner London.

Image credit: Ian Cuthbert

amount we have awarded PET since 1989


PET works in 120 prisons nationally


Courses provided by PET to prisoners in 2019

To read more about their fantastic work, please visit the Prisoners’ Education Trust website.

*Image credit (top): Ian Cuthbert