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Learning from Anne Frank and the Holocaust, the Anne Frank Trust empowers young people aged 9 to 15 to challenge all forms of prejudice.


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New initiatives

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1 year


Inner London-wide

With funding from the Portal Trust, the Anne Frank Trust will combine in-school and outside-of-school support to upskill over 500 young people across inner London.

Their work in schools will see pupils in nine primary schools across London spend three days learning about Anne Frank, the Holocaust and modern-day ways prejudice presents itself. Crucially, pupils are then trained in how to share their learning across their school and wider community. They receive training on public speaking, confidence building and have practice sharing their learning with others. This culminates in pupils sharing their message either in assembly, via an exhibition about Anne Frank or in other creative ways – embedding learning across the school via peer-to-peer education.

From those primary schools, the Anne Frank Trust will create 10 Anne Frank Ambassadors. This is an intensive programme which supports pupils outside of school and focuses on those most in need of empowerment and who face some form of disadvantage. Each young person is matched with their own, trained mentor who supports their mentees to realise their potential, develop their skills and knowledge and share their anti-prejudice message to the widest possible audiences. Over the course of a year, ambassadors will undertake:

*Termly 1-1 mentoring sessions with additional group mentoring sessions

*Five skills sessions

*Monthly knowledge sessions

*A study visit to either Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, a creative writing retreat in the Lake District or other summer enrichment visits

*A to visit corporate workplaces for ‘experience days’

*Support to develop a social action project

We are delighted that we are able to offer our support once again to the important work of The Anne Frank Trust and look forward to future updates.

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