Care Trade (The Autism Project)

In 2023, we supported The Autism Project to purchase music equipment for their Live Music Band project to help young people with autism build the skills and experiences needed to enter employment.


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New initiatives

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1 year


Lambeth, Southwark

CareTrade is a London-based charity that aims to transform the lives of people with autism through innovative projects and employability opportunities. As part of this mission, they run a two-year programme called The Autism Project for young people aged 18 to 25 years old.

The Autism Project focuses on work readiness and gives young people with autism the opportunity to gain experiences in workplaces that match their skills and interests. This is important as it helps make the transition into employment more enjoyable and flexible.

Our funding has been used to purchase music equipment for their first band 'UnTapped' which is offered as an extracurricular enrichment activity by The Autism Project. The band was formed in January 2021 and has already performed at Bubble Club in Brick Lane and Club Soda in Croydon. They have also put on their own live music night at The Ivy House in Nunhead!

The Autism Project

At the centre of 'UnTapped' is having fun and creating an exciting outlet for young people to express their creativity and musical abilities. The band writes and performs original songs and benefits from having guidance on the musical equipment from dedicated staff.

Being a part of a band encourages young people to strengthen their problem-solving, teamwork, public speaking, and decision-making skills. Through being able to make music together, the project empowers learners to express themselves and find their own voice.

Young adults with autism will often face additional challenges and barriers to securing employment. Writing and performing music is one of many examples of how the projects supports young people to develop their confidence, resilience, and self-esteem.

Introducing the band 'UnTapped'

CareTrade (The Autism Project)

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The Autism Project does an amazing job of making sure all young people are given the opportunity to reach their full potential whilst also having fun.

It brings us so much joy to see all the young people in ‘UnTapped’ flourish! We wish them all the best for the next two years and beyond.

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