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The Ministry of Stories helps young people living in under-resourced communities discover their confidence, imagination and potential through the power of writing.


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New initiatives

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1 year


Hackney, Islington, Tower Hamlets

Space to Be

Space to Be is the new Ministry of Stories’ Creative Writing programme for young writers. The group is designed to support young people who may have special educational needs, be on the autistic spectrum, speak English as an additional language or otherwise struggle in a busy group workshop. The programme will enable young people to improve their literacy skills through creative projects that engage even the most reluctant writers. Ministry of Stories’ approach is child-centred, offering support for children based on their needs.

Our support

Our grant of £15,000 will see 12 young people from the local community attend weekly workshops and find a place to access their imagination, develop their sense of wellbeing and grow in confidence on the new Space to Be programme.

Richard Foley, our Chief Executive welcomes and is delighted with this new partnership which he knows will be hugely beneficial to everyone involved. We all look forward to seeing how the programme develops over the coming year.

It is fantastic to have The Portal Trust’s support for Space to Be. The project will open up new opportunities for young people in east London, giving extra support to those who need it, making creative writing more accessible to all. I can’t wait for a glimpse into the imaginations and ideas of our new group, hearing about things that matter to them, and helping to amplify young voices by publishing and celebrating their work.

Rob Smith
Ministry of Stories’ Director