2022-2026 London Music Fund Scholars


Since 2013, The Portal Trust has helped to support the London Music Fund by sponsoring four-year music Scholarships for children whose families are struggling to pay for music lessons.

Most recently, we awarded £40,000 for 10 individual Scholarships for children from our named inner London Boroughs in 2022.

We’re delighted to introduce four of those ten children here* and look forward to following and supporting their journeys over the next four years.

(*All children’s names have been changed)


Established in 2011, the London Music Fund aims to ensure that every child with significant musical ability, enthusiasm and commitment to learning has the opportunity to develop their potential – particularly those whose families are unable to pay for tuition fees.

We’re delighted to help support the LMF and were excited to hear about the 10 different children who would be receiving Scholarships as part of our funding award.

All of the children are based in London and are incredibly hard working and passionate about music. Continue reading below to learn about the musical backgrounds of Jamie, Theo, Lottie and Micah*, four of the ten music Scholars.

(*Not the children’s real names)

Jamie, Age 10, Guitar

‘Jamie has a natural musicality, is an extremely smart boy and picks things up amazingly quickly. He is conscientious and dedicated to practising his guitar, all traits that could take him far in music. He has not had one-to-one music lessons but from class music alone he has developed a good technical and theoretical understanding. He is a member of the school choir, advanced recorder club and after school music club as well as class music lessons. He learns chords on the guitar at home by following videos online. Music is an escape and solace for him.’

Theo, Age 10, Saxophone

‘Theo is one of the most talented and able 10 year old musicians his teacher has ever met. He has been fully engaged and has exceptional aural skills, able to play complex melodies by ear after just one listen. He has good technical coordination and can communicate musical ideas expressively. His goal is a career in music… Without the support of a LMF Scholarship Theo's family would not be able to support him to continue.’

Lottie, Age 10, Piano

‘Lottie is exceptionally keen and enthusiastic about playing the piano and plays at every opportunity she gets; she has chosen to give up her lunchtimes to play the keyboard in the school orchestra. With her evident love for music her teacher told us that it would be a huge shame were she not able to develop her instrumental skills further. Up until now she has only been able to learn as part of a whole-class keyboard group. Lottie’s LMF Scholarship will enable her to have individual lessons which will hugely excel her progression.’

Micah, Age 10, Double Bass

Micah shows a love for music and a real enjoyment for playing the double bass across a wide range of music styles. He is committed in his lessons and orchestra rehearsals., as well as working hard on his double bass skills in his free time. Michah’s double bass teacher told us “Music, for Micah, is his escape... it is something for him to channel his energies into. No one else from school is involved and this is personal for him. I could not think of a better person to be awarded this and we will support him 100%”

Music, for Micah, is his escape... it is something for him to channel his energies into. No on else from school is involved and this is personal for him. I could not think of a better person to be awarded this.'

Micah's Double Bass Teacher
Commenting upon his Scholarship Award

We’re incredibly proud to support the LMF in providing music Scholarships to these hard working and talented children and we look forward to keeping updated on their progression and achievements!