Black Lives Matter – the statue of Sir John Cass


Sir John Cass’s Foundation has worked over many years with many charities across Inner London, on educational projects to challenge and eradicate racism, discrimination, and inequality. As a Foundation, we acknowledge some of the wealth gained by Sir John Cass was through means of slavery and human exploitation, and we recognise, acknowledge, and understand the public hurt and anger that comes from this. We have a duty to our beneficiaries and our community to address this legacy.

As a first step in this journey, the Foundation has made the decision to remove the statue of Sir John Cass from the facade of our offices on Jewry Street. We have already initiated the process to remove it, though due to the facade of the building being listed this may take a few weeks to complete.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks the Foundation will be looking at other ways we can evolve, while still promoting and enabling the education of disadvantaged young people in Inner London. This will include but not be limited to, addressing the name of the Foundation.

We do this with the hope our beneficiaries can be proud of the opportunities offered to all those who benefit from our grants.