Building Curriculum Diversity with Samosa Media

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Founded in 2015, by Anwar Akhtar, Samosa Media has been a driving force in embedding diversity in the arts and humanities curriculum of schools, colleges, and universities. The Samosa are on a mission to reshape the way we think about diversity in education.

We’ve supported the Samosa since 2017, and this year, we’ve awarded them a generous grant of £90,000 for a transformative 2-year programme which is already having a visible impact.

Anwar and the Samosa team have set a bold agenda for the inclusion of diversity within educational curricula. They’re working collaboratively with schools, sixth forms and universities to craft a toolkit and media curriculum resource designed to enhance the educational experience for minority ethnic students, while celebrating diverse cultures and heritages through the powerful mediums of film, media, and art.

Anwar Akhtar, along with education officer Natalie Marshall and film officer Victor Rios, is at the helm of Samosa Media. They collaborate with various educational institutions, including Stepney All Saints School in Tower Hamlets. As a charity founder and director, Anwar works closely with schools and young people to explore diversity within the curriculum. Their collective efforts encompass innovative programmes, such as Study Boot Camp workshops and “Question Time” style events, aimed at nurturing an inclusive learning environment.

Samosa Media's toolkit includes a wealth of classroom materials covering topics like debating, identity, culture, and diversity. These resources include collaborations with leading cultural institutions such as the National Theatre on the Moghul History Play Dara, a film on the story of the Lahore Museum in Pakistan, and even a BBC Radio 4 documentary on curriculum diversity in schools.

Anwar Akhtar, founder of The Samosa Media
Image caption: Anwar Akhtar, founder of The Samosa Media
A workshop takes place at Stepney All Saints School
Image caption: A workshop takes place at Stepney All Saints School
A workshop takes place at Stepney All Saints School
Image caption: A workshop takes place at Stepney All Saints School

Anwar's tireless dedication has also led to numerous university projects where he collaborates with academics and students to develop diverse curriculum resources for both classrooms and teacher training courses.

One of the most exciting aspects of this endeavour is the fact that teachers can now access and use these materials free of charge in their classrooms. This not only empowers educators but also creates a ripple effect, as students benefit from a more enriched and inclusive education experience.

We’re eagerly looking forward to how this transformative project will unfold over the next two years. The impact of Samosa Media's work, with Portal Trust support. promises to be a beacon for change in the realm of education, helping bring about a more diverse and inclusive curriculum.

If you work with young people in an educational institution or as part of an arts or community organisation and you want to connect with Samosa Media’s work, you can contact