From Stepney to Cadiz: School trip broadens horizons and builds confidence

Enjoying café culture in Cadiz

Year 8 students from Stepney All Saints School took an exciting trip to the South of Spain thanks to a grant from the Portal Trust.


Travelling broadens our horizons and opens us up to new experiences. For a group of year 8 children from Stepney All Saints School, a recent trip to Cadiz in Spain with the support of the Portal Trust was more than just an opportunity to put their Spanish lessons into practice: it was an unforgettable experience that will form life-long memories.

The school’s ambition for the trip was to expose pupils to Spanish culture, language, and traditions. The group explored the vibrant streets of Cadiz, absorbing the lively atmosphere and immersing themselves in the local way of life. Visits to local markets were an eye-opening experience for the children, as they interacted with vendors, practised their Spanish, and discovered new flavours and aromas.

Enjoying café culture in Cadiz
Image caption: Enjoying café culture in Cadiz
Pupils on the trip learning to make paella
Image caption: Pupils on the trip learning to make paella
Visiting the Castle of San Marcos in Cadiz
Image caption: Visiting the Castle of San Marcos in Cadiz
Stepney All Saints pupils studying Spanish
Image caption: Stepney All Saints pupils studying Spanish

Ordering food was the first real-life test of the childrens’ language skills, and they loved having the opportunity to put their lessons into practice. They navigated menus, talked with restaurant staff and most importantly, enjoyed the satisfaction and confidence boost of being understood. The trip not only bolstered their Spanish skills but also fostered an appreciation for the importance of communication in building cross-cultural connections.

My Spanish definitely improved throughout the week, and it was fun seeing a natural Spanish-speaking environment and trying to understand as much as possible. I learnt some history behind places like Castillo de San Marcos, the cathedral in Seville etc. and I've gained experience in communicating with Spanish people in shops.

The visit to the beach was a highlight of the trip, where the children experienced the sun, sand, and sea of the stunning Cadiz coastline. Many of them had never before seen such vast stretches of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. The beach day provided moments of joy, laughter, and friendship as they played games and splashed in the waves.

What I enjoyed most on this trip was experiencing the culture and trying Spanish food. It was interesting to see the differences between life in Spain and life in England.

For the students from Stepney All Saints, this trip was much more than just a holiday. It was an opportunity to gain new perspectives, foster curiosity, and ignite a passion for exploration. The exposure to a different way of life left a lasting impression, instilling in them a sense of open-mindedness and acceptance of diversity.

I enjoyed going to Cádiz the most as I loved going by ferry and visiting the Torre Tavira. I learned a lot about Spanish culture and the lifestyle e.g. they have lunch and dinner later than we do in the UK.

For many of the children, this was their first time leaving the UK, making the trip to Cadiz a big moment in their lives. They returned home with newfound confidence, a deeper understanding of the world, and a desire to learn more about different cultures. This experience has shaped their aspirations and broadened their horizons, encouraging them to pursue further educational opportunities and embrace the rich diversity of global cultures.

"Fue una experiencia inolvidable" (it was an unforgettable experience)