Helping the Migration Museum build understanding and dialogue

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We’re backing an exciting new project to bring the history of migration alive for young people in London


We’re delighted to announce a new three-year funding award of £66,000 to The Migration Museum for their Transforming Migration Education programme.

This exciting project has the potential to reshape the way the topic of migration is both taught and perceived in London.

The programme will see the Migration Museum collaborate with three London secondary schools to develop a curriculum that delves deep into the narratives of migration. It seeks to empower teachers and school leaders to integrate migration learning in their classrooms, fostering their confidence and skill in teaching these themes.

It will also work closely with young people to understand the impact that teaching migration has in enabling a better discussion on this subject amongst young people, where they feel represented, empowered and confident.

The Museum's mission is to explore the profound influence of migration on British identity, from individual stories to community dynamics and national heritage. As migration remains a topical and often contentious issue, the museum seeks to provide a platform for fostering empathy and understanding through human stories and educational content.

By raising awareness about the history and effects of migration to and from Britain, the Migration Museum aims to ignite a meaningful dialogue on migration-related subjects.

So far, the museum has engaged its visitors through a range of activities such as major exhibitions, dynamic events, workshops, and a learning programme that has welcomed over 27,000 learners of all ages, including primary, secondary and university students, from across the UK and internationally.

Migration Museum

The Transforming Migration Education programme will play a pivotal role in developing and deepening the engagement with teachers and learners, shaping how young people across London understand the history and impact of migration in Britain.

This new programme also comes at an opportune moment, as the Migration Museum is set to establish its permanent home in the City of London in 2026, close to the Portal Trust’s offices.

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