'More than Luck...' 2022 Report Launch

GRT 2022

We are delighted to announce the launch of our most recent report, 'More than luck: enabling access and success in Higher Education for Gypsy, Romany and Traveller (GRT) Communities’ by Professor Graeme Atherton (the Trust’s Special Advisor on Levelling Up and Widening Participation).

Continue reading below to learn what the report is about and to click through to see the full PDF.


After first commissioning Professor Graeme Atherton to examine access to higher education for Gypsy, Romany and Traveller (GRT) Communities in 2020, we are delighted to now announce the launch of our 2022 'More than luck...' update.

The first 2019 report highlighted that GRT communities are amongst the most marginalised and discriminated against in society and Graeme made clear recommendations that, if implemented, could help improve progression to higher education for GRT young people.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has since exposed health, education and income inequalities across some of the country’s most disadvantaged groups—consequences which may further entrench inequalities if left unaddressed.

As a result, our 2022 ‘More than luck…’ update looks into the progress made in extending access to higher education for GRT learners and the work of Higher Education providers/policymakers since 2020. It updates and expands upon the recommendations from the first report, reflecting the changing policy landscape and continuing need for action.

The report is available to read as a PDF or in print. If you would like a hard copy, please contact us at hello@portaltrust.org.