New brand unveiled: The Portal Trust

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New Sir John Cass’s Foundation brand unveiled:
The Portal Trust, a charity reimagined for the here and now and the changing future


In 2020, Sir John Cass’s Foundation (SJCF), one of London’s oldest and largest education charities, took the opportunity to reflect on its mission following the tragic events in the USA and the Black Lives Matter movement that took place around the world.

After extensive consultation with all stakeholders, the Foundation can today announce its new name and brand, The Portal Trust.

“We’re excited to announce our brand has evolved with a fresh new feel and strapline, that we believe reflects our vision, core proposition and most importantly our valued community,” said Chief Executive, Richard Foley.

“For nearly three hundred years the Foundation has pursued ideals of supporting the most disadvantaged within our local community of London. Our new brand name allows us to continue to do that with renewed vigour without reference to our founder’s historical connections with the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Our new brand name of The Portal Trust, which has evolved from our vision to ‘support all’, is a neat summary of all our ideals.”

Our consultation and research told us that the brand needed to be a ‘total refresh’ but also that the Trust itself should be more focused on our community and recipients. Our core philanthropic principles and the importance of inspiring, educating and informing our community take on new
life now.

Monica Tyler, Chief Executive of Vauxhall City Farm (VCF), a beneficiary of The Portal Trust said:
“The Portal Trust sounds as far away as you can get from Sir John Cass’s Foundation and so I am delighted. The Trust shouldn’t be there to uphold an out-dated dignitary, and instead be responsive and relatable to their beneficiaries. Now I believe we have renewed purpose from the Trust and a new name and brand for which they should be applauded.”

“Even the name alone inspires hope,” added Darren Pilbro, VCF’s after school club teacher. “The Portal Trust – meaning support all, offers an opening to new opportunities and exciting ideas. I think it’s great they have listened to their stakeholders over the course of the year and have refocused their priorities and remembered why they are here – for the young people in our communities.”

The Portal Trust, Chief Executive Richard Foley concluded, “We will never forget the tragic circumstances that led us here. We have begun a programme of change to redress the hurt caused to our stakeholders and partners. The most visible changes being our new name, the appointment of new Governors, Ambassadors and an independent Diversity Consultant. Our momentum for change continues unabated and The Portal Trust will continue to support those most in need.”

The full press release can be found here.

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Our new brand name of The Portal Trust, which has evolved from our vision to ‘support all’, is a neat summary of all our ideals.

Richard Foley
Chief Executive