Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) at Stepney All Saints School

The Portal Trust's priority is the safety of pupils and staff, and we stand ready to support the school community in any way we can


In July the school received approximately £150,000 from the Department for Education (DfE) to investigate RAAC on the school premises, and found it in 3 areas. These areas were made safe or sealed off, under advice from specialist surveyors. A subsequent visit from DfE surveyors confirmed they were content and the school re-opened for the Autumn term with these important safety measures in place.

Despite these pro-active measures and confirmation from the DfE, Stepney All Saints School was advised on 14th September 2023 that the school should be closed at the end of the day until further notice.

This is disappointing after all the planning and work that went into enabling the school to open after the summer holidays. However in the immediate term, a grant previously made by the Trust which enabled a laptop to be purchased for all pupils will allow for online learning during the current RAAC situation. The DfE has advised that it will be working with the school to mitigate the effect of the closure so that it can reopen as soon as possible, and the Trust is ready to support the pupils and school in any way it can.

Stepney All Saints Church of England Secondary School is a voluntary aided school with the Portal Trust as the sole trustee.