Scholarships at Brasenose College, Oxford


On the 9th of June, The Portal Trust visited Brasenose College, where we had the pleasure of meeting two of our outstanding scholarship recipients, Lexi and Alina.


Brasenose College is a historic institution that forms part of the University of Oxford and its current Principal is Mr John Bowers KC. Founded in 1509, it has a rich academic tradition and a vibrant community of scholars boasting a beautiful campus that blends historical architecture with modern facilities.

Richard Foley (Chief Executive) and Lee Hunnisett (Senior Grants Officer) accompanied Denise Jones (Deputy Chair and Chair of Grants) on the visit to meet with the two scholarship recipients, both exceptional individuals who have demonstrated so much potential and commitment to their academic careers.

Throughout our visit, we held lively conversations with both Lexi and Alina, delving into their experiences at Brasenose College and their aspirations for the future. Their determination to make the most of the opportunities provided was evident, leaving a lasting impression on our team.

Richard Foley said: we remain dedicated to nurturing talent and supporting students to overcome adversity in their pursuit of academic excellence. We are truly inspired by the achievements of Lexi and Alina and are eager to continue our partnership with the college, with the shared goal of providing transformative opportunities to more exceptional students from inner London.

Left to right Denise Jones Lexi Alina Richard Foley Lee Hunnisett