School Engagement Programme with the Bayes Business School

The Portal Trust has extended funding for Bayes Business School’s engagement programme in schools for a further three years effective from August 2021.


Established in 2015 in conjunction with the Trust, the project involves undergraduate students electing to take a module in coaching and mentoring. Following the taught course a number then choose to work with pupils in local London schools (including Stepney All Saints Secondary School of which we are Trustee), in the second semester. Here, they use near peer mentoring techniques with pupils focused on STEM subjects, encourage social mobility by building aspirations and support the pathway journey from school into university, apprenticeships or work.

This work is more important than ever in the context of Covid as many young people’s lives have been disrupted, particularly impacting those in transition from Further to Higher Education.

Alongside the delivery of this programme, academics are carrying out a longitudinal study of the impact of this pioneering form of outreach activity “on the curriculum”. Interim findings are here and a full report is due to be published in Autumn 2022 with the goal of replicating this new connection between schools and universities in a wide range of educational institutions.