Islington Boat Club

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Islington Boat Club provides opportunities for local children to learn and play through watersports.

Its programmes combine youth work and the personal development approaches to support children and young people to thrive.


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Truancy, exclusion & behaviour management

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1 year



Islington Boat Club opened in 1970 on the City Road Basin. Originally envisaged as a place for children to enjoy being in boats or as an adventure playground on water, the club has developed a growing emphasis towards watersports skills, combined with an equal emphasis on youth work and the personal development of young people.

Making Waves

Making Waves 2021 is a preventative project that aims to target disadvantaged young people in Islington and to a lesser extent the surrounding boroughs; Camden, Westminster, Hackney, and Tower Hamlets. Participants are young people who are particularly hard to reach and who might be at high risk of exclusion from school or becoming involved in criminal activity.

Amid what is hoped to be the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project is undergoing several adaptations in order to run in 2021 and is now staggered over an extended period, allowing for smaller groups and for social distancing requirements to be met.

Six participants at a time will be able to attend one day per week, for six weeks, working towards their 'Paddle Power Level Two' certificate from British Canoeing. This qualification is the gateway to further training and hopes to foster a passion and commitment to activities promoting good health and well-being.

We previously supported the club on a similar project in 2019 and look forward to seeing them reopen this summer with Making Waves 2021.

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