Our commitment to change has not stopped


We have notified the Charity Commission of our wish to change our name. As a charity, we need their agreement, but the legal process is underway.

We have appointed an independent agency to conduct a consultation with all our stakeholders – partners, community partners, diversity experts, former and current beneficiaries of our Foundation – about changing our name. The consultation will include face to face group meetings, telephone, and postal views to help the Foundation determine its new name. Work is underway and we will announce the new name towards the end of this year. We want to ensure that all those who have an opinion are given a platform to be heard. More details about the consultation will be issued shortly.

Changing our name is important, not solely so we stop applauding our founder. It is important that individuals, organisations, and businesses not only feel good about being associated with the Foundation, but actively seek out a relationship with us. Our new name will therefore need to be compelling and true to the vision and goals of the Foundation. It must enable us to continue our vital work; dedicated to educational projects to challenge and eradicate racism, discrimination, and inequality.

As Governors, we believe that to encourage trust and confidence in the new way forward, we need an expert independent person to help keep us on track. We have created a new role of Accountability to oversee the enormous changes we wish to implement to demonstrate the Foundation’s commitment to race equality and inclusion. The accountability person will help set the priorities for change and ensure we meet the challenges ahead.

We are committed to change and will continue to update you with progress.